Mission Statement

The purpose of this website is to partner and create original animated content in the world of horror, science fiction, and comedy.  It will be the birthplace of original on-line comics and comic strips. Subject matter involving politics, race, religion…all of the stuff you’re not supposed to write about or discuss.  This site will serve as the catalyst/launching pad for Animaction Studios and is designed to house, hold, promote, write, create, design, and stream creative vehicles spawned by me and my creative partners.

In doing so, it is my fervent desire to provide an on-line portal for premium creative content that provokes pure, unadulterated entertainment.  It is my goal to produce the stuff that myself and other true genre fans love, with no outside influences to water down the creativity.  This will be a place of political expression, frank discussion, and artistic freedom.  But most of all, it will be fun!

Are you ready?

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