The Contracting TV Business

February 14, 2011 − by Rodney − in Blog, television − No Comments

Last week I mentioned the TV business is contracting so much so that it’s becoming more difficult to be successful in it. I know that this is supposed to be a motivational website, but there are subtle truths to the business. You have to continuously get better. The competition is fierce. There are not as many opportunities, because of reality television, because of the nature of the corporatizing of what television and film are now. It’s difficult to just walk into a studio or network and pitch something and they buy it. Now it’s about what producers are on your team, who else believes in your project. It’s no longer just you walking in and selling it. It’s definitely changing the game, and to compete as I’ve said you have to continuously get better. Do what you can to constantly improve, sharpen, and meet people.

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