The Return of The Muse, The End of 2011 and Dee Rees’ “Pariah”

I’m laying across my bed considering 2011.

It’s been a really tough year.

Can’t go into great detail at this time, but I have gracefully accepted that life is not a straight line.

But through the difficult periods I’ve realized a pattern—the things that have been there (beyond friends) to support me through the rough patches; literature, art, film, etc are still there. Still helping my mind and spirit accept that life although beautiful can be difficult.

At the urging of the one and only Black Snob, Danielle Belton, I have returned to the site and hope not to leave again.

I mentioned film a moment ago and I can go no further without mentioning the film “Pariah” written and directed by Dee Rees. It is an amazing film. When I first saw Spike Lee’s “She’s gotta have it”, it changed me. I know these people. My Muse, that I ignored or suppressed, had sent stories like that to me over and over and I dismissed her. That film gave me permissions to try to breathe life into my own stories. “Pariah” was a similar experience, only this time it was more evolved. Every box was checked in the film; Directing, writing, acting—all were on point. The characters weren’t characters; they were people. Just like in any other film. I cared about them. There wasn’t any celebration of black pain, or brown colored caricatures bounding about spouting a banal message any grade schooler could grasp—only people wrestling with real stuff. It reminded me of the days when I dreamt of becoming a writer, sitting in theatres losing myself in stories. It made life feel special—bigger, hopeful. I felt that was in “Pariah”. Thank you Dee Rees. You came along right when I needed you.

I will do my best to keep up with entries. Life got into the way for a moment. Fortunately my Muse forgave me. I hope that you will as well.

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