October 21, 2017 by Rodney in Blog, News, writing

Sneak Peek “Falcon #2”

Sneak peek of Falcon #2 ….Coming Soon  

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May 26, 2012 by Rodney in Blog, television, writing

The Screenwriters’ Survival Guide 101: How Do You Make It When You Don’t Have A Steady Gig?

When you enter a field as amorphous and unpredictable as writing, having a “flexible hustle” is near mandatory. And by “flexible hustle” I mean never marrying yourself to one job, path or idea that is supposed to carry you into success. It doesn’t matter what horse you ride there on.

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February 21, 2011 by Rodney in Blog, writing

The Realities of Being A Writer

When it comes to who and what inspires me, there are always the ‘stand-by’s in my life, people like Stephen King, who I look at as being a great story teller, and able to be prolific and disciplined. Because as a writer, that’s the most difficult thing — you want

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September 01, 2010 by Rodney in Blog, writing

How Did I Become A Professional Writer?

The answer is a simple one to those who are writers and a complex one to those who are not.  You see, the truth is that I never “became” a writer.  I always was one; I just didn’t know it.  I’d always had a relationship with words; I’d always had

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