‘Til Death has a very unique history as a show. Each season, the prior season’s writing staff would be fired, to bring in a new staff in hopes of improving the show. In season 4 this task was placed in the capable hands of Don Reo. Note here, that Don remained a fixture in my development after my stint with him on My Wife & Kids. He also rendered services on Everybody Hates Chris from season 2 until the end of our run.

Seeing as though every writing staff had it’s own opinion of what ‘Til Death should be, the seasons were radically different and ours would prove to carry on that tradition. We worked with Brad Garrett, the show’s star, to create a new voice for the already fledgling series. As the show went into production, myself & co-writers Alyson Fouse and Dean Lorey, remained in the writer’s room as the other writers worked on the stage with Brad. We created a lot of fun television, although it didn’t help much as the show was cancelled after the 4th season.